Photo Thursday – Cliff’s Cabs

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This week it’s Cliff’s Cabs. Aaah, good ol’ Cllff’s Cabs. If you’re ever stranded down in Watchet, Somerset get on the blower and give Cliff a try, he’ll whisk you off like a princess.  E-300 with Sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens.

Photo Thursday

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Is it thursday already master? Another somerset affair awaits you…

I like to think that this chap playing the.. um clarinet? Is probably jesus himself!

Photo Thursday… Devon coast place thingy

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So whats the photo of the week Margret?

This is a coastal shot from Somerset. Well I say somerset, because it was a Somerset holiday, but I think this might actually be devon, um, and I’m forgotten what the town is called. I know it was flooded once….

Somerset Photos

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I’ve uploaded the somerset photos to flickr baby.

I’m trying out a new look with these and that look is called “OMG Why is that so over-saturated!?” I quite like the look but I’m sure I’ll get bored of it soon.

There are 374 photos in the Somerset set and you will have to study every single one of them right this instant because I am going to test you, and if you fail that test… well your life will not be worth living.

Holiday’s over

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Back from my little family holiday in Somerset.

I was really blown away by how lovely the region is both aesthetically and in terms of friendliness.  The countryside there is very welcoming towards walkers, well set up paths, styles and all that.  They have a hilly area of country there called the Quantock’s, which offers up some great views.

We went to many pubs and none were trashy, all well looked after with the friendliest publicans you will find anywhere.  Best of all, every single person in Somerset seems to love dogs, every pub allowed them in, even in the restaurant areas, no where up north seems to let you bring a dog anywhere near.  Even the pubs which served expensive food welcomed Eddie with open arms, really really good food too, a sample of dishes I had in these places would be…  Monkfish, John Dory, Scallops, Rabbit and lamb (with a historically creamy parsnip mash!), um I didn’t all that in one evening lol. All with Eddie at my feet. :-)

Downside would be that Somerset seems to have the worst mobile data reception ever. Earlier in the year we stayed in Wales and the cottage had wi-fi, thing is I don’t think it was intended for us, but it was unencrypted so I can’t really complain that the cottage in Somerset had no such luxury.  Unfortunately I couldn’t get a decent data connection from my mobile either (I hook my mobile to my iBook when away to get proper internet).  In Wales I could get a really solid connection via GPRS and at good speeds, I could download all sorts at a good 40KB’s.  In Somerset I couldn’t get above 5KB’s (is that WAP speed?) and it would only ever stay connected for about 5 minutes.   Hence why I never bothered to blog.

Actually, I would have hoped to have the photo’s all done but I went a bit mad with the camera.  I’ve got 576 photos to master and thats with the out-of-focus, blurred, overexposed etc deleted.

Uh oh.
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