Almost there!

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Received an email from the losing registrar this morning with a link to agree and fast-track the process.  So did that.  Went back to the domain manger at bluehost and clicked some link which finished off the whole thing.

So now I think it’s just a matter of waiting for DNS servers around the world to update.

Woohoo, got me auth code

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After circlehosting failed to get back to enom after the 48 hours they didn’t hesitate to email me the code I needed.  So that’s good!

Done what I needed to do, now I just need to wait the 398 million years it takes to complete the transfer.

Another 48 hours

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Ooooh enom have finally actually read an email I’ve sent them instead of hitting the automatic response button.

They’ve sent an email to circlehosting and cc’d it to me.  I’m 99% sure they won’t get a response but the positive news is that they quoted a 24-48 hour time frame which gives me Carte Blanche to raise hell at 9pm on Thursday.

Also, if I have any more problems contacting enom a commenter(djtalk) suggested opening a free account with enom and using their web based support instead of blindly tossing out emails.  Neato.

Grr at eNom

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Sent this to but surprise surprise no reply….

I have a domain with one of your resellers who have not responded to any of my support requests for over 2 months.
The last time I contacted you told me to contact circlehosting.  I’m trying to stress that this cannot be done.  My further emails to you were then ignored.

Their website is horribly broken.  You cannot submit a ticket because it fails with php errors.

I need to get an EPP auth code to transfer my domain “” to bluehosts.

I have contacted bluehosts about it and they responded with this…

“Unfortunately there is nothing that we can do to obtain the auth code for you but I would recommend being persistent with enom as they can give you the information that you need. If you continue to not be able to get the auth code you may want to file a complaint with ICANN since they are the registrar ac creditor”

Also, may I quote from your “eNom Registration Agreement”…

“If your Primary Service Provider is unresponsive, you may contact us to have your domain name(s) locked or unlocked or to obtain the EPP “AuthCode” though we may first contact your Primary Service Provider to request that the Primary Service Provider address the request. Only the registrant and the administrative contacts listed in the WHOIS information may approve or deny a transfer request.”

Therefore, it seems that you SHOULD do something in this situation.

Moving on up

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Apparently moving house is one of the most stressful events in somebody’s life.  Well, I think moving hosts must be similar ‘cos I’m having a nightmare.

Turns out I was wrong about bluehost doing all the transferring for you.  I still need to get an EPP auth code from circlehosting in order to complete it.

Which means I’m back to square one because I cannot get an auth code if I can’t contact the bloody swines.  They haven’t replied to emails for months.

I can’t even keep the domain with circlehosting and change the nameservers because they have no interface for such domain tinkering.

Circlehosting have a reseller account with enom, but enom either don’t respond or only partially read the support query.  I emailed them some time ago to say that one of their resellers won’t respond to my support requests and their reply was to try and contact the reseller.  Clever.

I’ve tried asking for help from bluehost and they told me that pretty much the only thing I can do is to carry on nagging enom to help me out.  And if all else fails report them to ICANN.  Thing is, ICANN are more like ICANN’T.  I’ve had a look on ICANN‘s site and it says that when a registrar is unresponsive that ICANN can’t help but that you need to contact a consumer affairs bureau.

Do none of these domain people know what they’re doing?

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